Thursday, June 21, 2012

Casual Mother of The Groom Dresses

Casual Mother of The Groom Dress

Depending upon the type of wedding that you will be attending the clothes worn can either be traditional formal wear or have that casual mother of the bride look. With modern weddings many couples are aiming for the casual look as this helps their guests choose suits and dresses that can easily be recycled again. The casual mother of the bride can still look very soft and elegant without costing a fortune. If the mother of the bride is a little on the plump side then choosing a soft gown or suit in a longer length draws the eye away from the centre of her body. The full look will be more flattering. Another option in achieving a casual mother of the bride look is to have a dress custom made. The only restrictions here would be on your budget amount.

To get that casual mother of the bride suit or dress take along your daughter as she can tell you if your chosen outfit is in line with her wedding theme and look. Remember this is her special day and you want to do your part in helping her have all the dresses blend together. You want to be acknowledged as the casual mother of the bride but you don't want to stand out like a sore thumb. Most casual mother of the bride are in their late forties or early fifties and still feel young at heart and don't want to be wearing an old frumpy grandmother style dress. For this reason it is best not to shop for a dress at the bridal boutique. They normally carry very flashy dresses which cannot be used for a different occasion.

The best tip for achieving the casual mother of the bride suit is to pick one that you feel comfortable in and one that suits your personality. Don't wear a loud color because it suits the theme of the wedding but you are going to feel uncomfortable in all day. Discuss your choice with your daughter so you can both come up with a casual suit that works for both you as the mother, and your daughter with her wishes for her complete wedding look.

Shopping for the casual mother of the bride look can be the perfect opportunity for the bride to help her mom add a wonderful suit to her wardrobe. Choose a color and fabric that is going to compliment the wedding theme and one that is wrinkle free and stain resistant. Find a suit that you can add detail to such as a rose on the belt or waist, this way the suit looks more special for the wedding and then the detail can be easily removed when worn for other occasions.


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