Monday, June 18, 2012

Mother of The Groom Dresses For Spring

Mother of The Groom Dress For Spring

Mother of the groom/bride gowns this spring will still feature rich fabrics with names like shantique, hammered shimmer, brocade, hi twist crepe, satin, etc. Lace is still available but mostly as accents or forming one part of the gown for interest. Beads, rhinestones, and embroidery are always a must for formal gowns as these add the sparkle and uniqueness to the outfit, separating a regular dress from a special occasion one. These fabrics are made of polyester blends which will retain its shape and are generally wrinkle-free. Mothers of the groom and bride surely do not want their dresses to pull and crinkle while performing their individual duties.

For spring, the mother of the groom and gown manufacturers are introducing interesting colors like glacier, aqua, sea breeze, and cinnamon. Sage and dust rose are always popular from one year to the next and these are the staple colors for this spring as well. Tried and true colors of champagne, burgundy, silver, gold, navy, and black, are still very much in style as these are the basic colors that will look good not only for the wedding but can be worn to any other social occasion.

Mother of the bride and groom dresses are offered in "youthful" styles for this spring. Long gone is the dowdy looking mother of the groom.

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